Weave A Thousand Flavors Supper Club

(where some days we brunch...)

Let's break bread!

Some of the most memorable moments during our Journeys around the world are the dinners we share at the table together, as we pass dishes around and enjoy a Chef's signature creations. Whether it is at a long table set in a cobblestone courtyard under the stars or in some of the most renowned restaurants in the world, it's a place where the evening comes alive with great food, great wine & even better company.

As foodies we can't be snobs; we go where the great meal takes us!

I'm incredibly grateful to share that at the suggestion of some of my fellow travelers, I'm bringing these dinners closer to home - in  Washington D.C. and the Capital region. Our supper club will feature a restaurant or venue carefully chosen for a Chef's unique style or perspective and will feature the Chef's signature creations. Here's an opportunity to explore new cuisines, unique ingredients and  stretch our flavor palettes at some of the hottest and up-and-coming venues in the city.

Let's gather together for an evening of fine food, great wine, easy laughter and shared perspectives as we sip & sup!

We'll slowly dine on locally inspired menus crafted to match the season, while enjoying wines curated for the meal. As the evening extends, we'll savor the beautiful flavors and conversation between new found friends. After we finish over coffee and dessert, I hope that you'll walk away inspired by the joy of a refreshing new dining experience.


Supper club dinners will be hosted 4-6 times each year, between the months of April-November. 


I hope you'll join our table.




 Weave A Thousand Flavors Supper Club

Sunday Brunch
 April 29, 2018
12:00pm -2:00pm






Michelin 2018 Bib Gourmand List, Washington DC


A creation of Chef José Andrés and his talented team,

where cultural fusions  are displayed -

Chinese Chifa, Japanese Nikkei and Peru’s Native Criollo Cuisine.

418 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004


Be one of only 18 guests to join us for this scrumptious family-style brunch


USD 149 per person



10 dishes in 4 waves

family style menu featuring the Chef's signature creations

a glass of a classic Peruvian style cocktail

all taxes + gratuities


China Chilcano Peruvian Cuisine | Facebook

About Chef Carlos Delgado

At the age of 15, Chef Carlos knew he wanted to be a Chef. Peruvians always find inspiration though how diverse Peru is, Chef explained, and having his grandmother teach him, had him only wanting to learn more; so though he was just a kid he knew he wanted to be chef.

At Chino Chilcano, a creation of Chef José Andrés and his talented team, you’ll find a hybrid of Chinese, Japanese and indigenous Peruvian cooking showcased in a trifecta of popular dishes. For those unfamiliar with Peruvian cuisine, these influences are deeply rooted in Peru through centuries of the migration, mingling and making of traditional cuisines with local Peruvian ingredients. 

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