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Seamlessly weaving Culinary and Architectural Journeys since 2013

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Dear fellow travelers,


A big thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to visit Weave A Thousand Journeys and reading up on our incredible upcoming vacations.


A little about myself, Devaki - founder and the creative mind behind Weave A Thousand Journeys. Unlike a rolling stone, I have gathered plenty of moss as my story has allowed to me to live and work all over the world pursuing my passions in both the culinary and architecture field.

And so in 2013, Weave A Thousand Journeys was born because I realized that creating curated immersive tours is simply the best way for me to share, the incredible places and people I've come to know all over the world, fusing my love and expertise in for both culinary and architecture.

My education and background in Architecture has given me a deep understanding of what true luxury and understated elegance means, and knowing fellow Architects all over the world gives me a knowledge and access to exclusive boutique accomodations and villas that most folks don’t even know exist!

We understand style.  We know luxury - is at the heart of what we do and who we are.


Mind you, I've been a cook long before I ever entered architecture with my first steps in the kitchen at an early age of 8! My entire life, I have been writing about food  and know incredible people many of whom are close friends behind the culinary scenes from Singapore to Sicily. Having earned a certification in Food and Science from HarvardX, I continue to teach extensively as a Culinary Instructor in my county,

So why should all of this matter to you?

Because at Weave A Thousand Journeys each of journey begins with a vision and is meticulously built from the ground up - one idea and one brick at a time.


We have personally been to every destination, eaten at every recommended restaurant, stayed at every boutique hotel, designed every menu and wine list and collaborated with every Architect and Historian before you join us on a Journey.


Because we enjoy the finer things of life, we only stay at unique architectural and historical design properties and luxury accommodations around the world.


And best of all, our tours are limited only to 12 persons!


Now of course, there are plenty of tours out there at lower prices that promise the world but our tours deliver an experience you'll never forget. All you have to do is read our reviews and you'll see we have fantastic track record in giving our clients the best possible experience.

Which is why 80% of our clients are repeat customers!


If you love being in a room full of accomplished, interesting, down-to-earth people who love to travel, share their stories, enjoy the finer things of life and are graceful in new cultures and are looking forward to seeing the world through a new lens, then we're looking for you!


We only have a few spots remaining on our journeys for 2019 so please reach out and hope you'll join us!.

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