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Weave A Thousand Flavors Supper Club, 2022!

OCT | 2022

Malaysian Kopitiam

I am especially excited to tell you all about our upcoming October supper club lunch because we're off for a 'rasa' (taste) of Malaysia, dearies.

As food lovers we can't be snobs and we go where the great meal takes us. This time our taste buds aren't taking us to a hallowed and historic venue in D.C. but instead to a little strip mall in the burbs, in Centreville, VA.

Which bring me to my confession. I'm obsessed with Malaysian food and we tend to eat it several times a month if not weekly. My hubby and I met eons ago while we were working & living in Singapore so Malaysian food was pretty much a staple. And we've been hooked ever since.

Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines both have influences from the 3 major ethnic groups residing in these countries:  the Malay, the Chinese and the Indians (Tamilians to be precise hailing from both India and Sri Lanka.) And it is the fusion of these 3 cultures that makes Malaysian food so darn good! 

Delicious ingredients like coconut milk, chilies, pandan leaves, dried shrimp and other fish, nuts, lemon grass, fish cakes, dried Chinese sausages, noodles, pork, chicken, dried spices and fresh aromatics all come together to create robust bold flavors in these Malaysian dishes. 

I hope you'll join our table!




Featured in the DCPOST

& Northern Virginia Magazine

Malaysian Kopitiam

October 16th, 2022 | Sunday

1:00 pm for Lunch


5085 Westfields Blvd, Centreville, VA 20120


11 dishes featuring Chef's Signature Creations 

beer/wine with lunch

2 servings per person.

USD 99 per person | All-inclusive

All Inclusive | taxes, fees & gratuities.


Upon arrival, we will be seated at our table. Get comfortable, relax and soak in the sights and sounds of this dynamic restaurant. Share conversations with new & old found friends and feel your cares slip away as you relax over good food and wine.
Family style dishes featuring the Chefs signature brunch creations meant to be shared around the table will be served. These creations will showcase a plethora of flavors and ingredients; meat, fish and vegetarian. if you're picky, no worries, just pass.

From Perak, Ipoh, Owners Leslie and Penny serves authentic Malaysian cuisines & halal food in their family owned restaurant

IMG_0088-1024x575 (1).jpg
Food Truck Owners


We are able to accommodate cilantro allergies, and food preferences such as pescatarians, flexitarians, halal food etc.

However, t
his event is not recommended for 100% vegetarians or for those folks who are terribly picky eaters and aren't adventurous when it comes to trying new flavors and cuisines.





Beer is served with lunch. Two servings per person.

Wine will be served to for those who prefer wine.

OR You can also order non-alcoholic specialty hot or cold tea and coffees


Craft Beer

Featured Dishes

| served family style to share |

to start |
Crispy calamari:  in a light batter with Chef's signature sauce

Fupei: Fish puree wrapped in tofu sheets with garlicky chili sauce

noodles |
Char Kway Teow, stir-fried flat noodles with shrimp, egg, chives and beansprouts
Mamak Mee Goreng, stir-fried egg noodles with carrot, soy, shrimp, cumin fritters, tofu, beansprouts, yu-choy greens, eggs, tomato

Watt Tatt Hor Fun, flat rice noddles with shrimp, sliced fish cakes, yu-choy greens in a creamy egg sauce

plates to feast |
Oolong Smoked Duck, chicken in sea salt and smoked in oolong tea leaves

Whole Red Snapper, fried whole fish with Chef's signature sweet and spicy sauce
Roti Canai, fluffy Indian parathas served with Malaysian chicken curry
Belacan Eggplant with Okra, stir fried vegetables with home made dried shrimp belacan sauce.

Beef Rendang Curry, rich coconut beef curry.

sweets to end |
Mochi, served warm and stuffed with black sesame paste and sesame and peanuts.


Once you sign-up you will be contacted via email for information regarding allergies or food restrictions. Please note that this culinary experience is not a good fit for those who are not open to trying new flavors, cuisines or ingredients. 



We are a group of unpretentious foodies. Some of us are in our 50's, some in our 70's and all of us have been there and done that! So if you need to show your ID, you're probably too young to attend. Sorry!


No matter who you are, please do bring your humor, unique style,  an open-

mindedness to varied cultures and your culinary sense of adventure. 



Smart casual & comfortable.



All sales are final and we will only refund the monies if the event is canceled.


If you've attended any of our events or tours in the past and cannot attend the supper club event due to an emergency, please notify us via email at the soonest. We will credit your account for the cost of your ticket (minus any N/R credit card processing fees).

Your credit can be used at any of our upcoming supper club events during the year. Your spot will then be released to the next person on the waitlist.


Questions about this or anything else?

Email Devaki at


Here's what past guests had to say"


"Wow!  Devaki, of Weave a Thousand Journeys, hosted the most amazing Supper Club at Nostos in Tysons.  We started with a lovely cocktail hour to reacquaint ourselves with friends not seen since COVID and to meet new ones. The food, service and wine were all delightful. Devaki planned everything so well and made this experience welcoming, fun and memorable. I can’t wait for the next Supper Club Devaki hosts. I know it will be great fun! - Barbara M

"It's always a great experience when you celebrate a meal with the Weave A Thousand Flavors Supper Club. The Lapis restaurant had great tasting authentic Afghani food served by a friendly and professional staff in a controlled yet bustling environment. The memories that I reflect on, as I think of our first outing of 2019, are the ones that celebrate the gastronaut members that make up the supper club. I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, the offering of friendship and the sharing of a meal as we celebrate the experience of breaking bread together. It just feels like home!!" - Chris B.


"What a great way to enjoy some fantastic food at a new place and meet with old friends and new! Devaki always picks such wonderful places for a true DC dining experience. Can’t wait for the next outing!" - April P


"Every Supper Club experience is unique in delicious cuisine and ambiance, and there's no better group with which to share them!" - Jon K


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