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Enjoy this wonderful video about Beaune | Burgundy and Hotel Le Cep where we will be staying.




Tour kick off: Please plan on arriving in Lyon by 2:00 pm on June 30th. 


Transfer from Lyon Airport or Lyon Part Dieu Train station to our Luxury 5-star hotel in the historical heart of Beaune. We will organize two group transfers via A/C Minivan as needed for this 2-hour journey through the Burgundy countryside. Settle in and relax and enjoy the drive. Check-in and relax until it is time to meet the group in the evening.

In the evening, we will kick off our tour with introductions, a welcome drink and nosh on some nibbles. Established within the walls of the hotel Le Cep, overlooking the rue Maufoux, the restaurant serves a cuisine that is mainly influenced by the region as well as traditional dishes from Burgundy that are revisited by the Chef. The setting is heartwarming, refined and the decor,  contemporary. Dominique Loiseau proposes an impressive collection of 70 different wines by the glass, excellent references of either renowned winemakers or young producers with promising wines! 

Airport Transfers via A/C Minivan, Walking 

Welcome drink and nibbles, Gastronomic Welcome Dinner of  five courses with wine pairings

Accommodations: 5-Star Historical Hotel,  Beaune

JULY 1 - DAY 2 . BEAUNE | AN ODE TO BURGUNDY WINE, Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits

After breakfast, we begin a day dedicated to Burgundy wines. We begin with a visit to the northern part of Côte de Beaune, with a tour of the winegrowing villages. A stop at the Hill of Corton, a unique place in Burgundy for its red and white Grands Crus. We stop for a delicious lunch at an Estate featuring elegant Pinots Noirs and the great white wines.


After lunch our next destination is considered the Champs-Elysées” of Burgundy wines on the Route des Grands - Crus of Côte de Nuits, including Vosne-Romanée, Gevrey-Chambertin, Chambolle-Musigny, etc. We take a walk in the vineyards and discover the cultivation techniques and the history of wine in Burgundy. A private wine tasting at a traditional cellar in a paradise for Pinot Noir lovers. During this oenological trip, we will discover the most beautiful expressions of this grape variety in connection with its terroir.

Return to the hotel and the rest of the evening at our leisure.  Dinner on our own.


Walking + A/C Private Minibus

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch with wine pairings & Wine tastings including Grand Cru wines

5-Star Historical Hotel, Beaune


This day is dedicated to cooking. We begin in the morning with a farmer's market tour in Beaune followed by a true hands-on cooking class.

We shop with Chef Adeline to get the freshest and seasonal products for our hands on cooking class. Then we will be back to the Cooking lab and we will cook an entire and authentic gastronomic Burgundian menu with 4 different courses.

After the cooking time we will enjoy the menu we have made while Chef Adeline will serve some of her favorites Burgundian wines and give you an overview about wines in Burgundy as well as teach us how to pair food and wine. Chef Adeline will share her true passion for food with you as well as lots of cooking tips and techniques, Burgundian staples, and of course her personal stories!


Meals: Breakfast & Lunch on dishes prepared in the cooking class. Market tour, Cooking class & lunch from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

5-Star Historical Hotel, Beaune


After a long previous day, we welcome this morning at an easy pace.


After breakfast, we visit a site of great historic significance in France, Hospices de Beaune - Musée de l'Hôtel-DieuFounded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of Philippe le Bon, this jewel of high gothic architecture, illustrates the strong bond between Burgundy and Flanders. Its polychrome roofs and the golden colors of the altar piece of the Last Judgement by Rogier Van der Weyden have made it famous. But this medieval hospital also hides other treasures: the great "Salle des Pôvres" with its richly sculpted and painted ceiling, the gothic chapel, the kitchen with an automated rotisserie and the pharmacy with its collection of pewter and earthenware. 

Rest of the day to enjoy at our leisure.

For dinner we walk 10 mins away to a family owned restaurant and local gem know for serving local specialties, beautifully done such as  parsley terrine (jambon persillé) with chunks of ham, parsley in aspic, pan roasted duck with red wine sauce and blueberries and a thick cut steak with epoisse (cheese sauce). 

Pack tonight! Check out in the morning. We depart for Jura-Franche-Comté region (via Dijon) in the morning.


Meals: Breakfast & Tastings on food tour, Dinner at a local gem with wine service

5-Star Historical Hotel, Beaune


After breakfast, Check out! We head by mini-bus to Dijon for a day dedicated to art and enlightenment at the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Dijon. As we walk towards the museum, we will stop at Les Halles and spend an hour or so perusing the stalls. 


The museum is considered one of the oldest museums in France and is housed in the most glorious setting inside the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. Most prominent here are the history and objects pertaining to the Dukes of Burgundy, from its incredibly beautiful Tombs to detailed historical collections accumulated over centuries of their rulings in this region. From the entrance at the stunning square of Place de la Saints-Chapelle near the Opera Theatre of Dijon, to the various rooms in this spectacular museum, it's a tour-de-force!  Lunch and free time to explore on our own.


From Dijon, we head by minibus to the Jura-Franche-Comté region where we check-in to a stunning Relais & Chateaux property in the village of Port-Lesney. Just twenty miles south-west of Besançon nestled in a little charming village in the heart of the Jura region, this Château used to be a former 18th century hunting lodge.  The garden has century old trees and a natural pool. 


Dinner at the local Le Bistrot featured in the Michelin Guide .   In the stunning village of Port-Lesney, bordering the river La Loue, Le Bistrot welcomes diners to a relaxed, welcoming and indulgent setting. On the terrace, the tables are laid with cheerful red and white checked tablecloths, a large slate shows off the menu and the daily specials, which are beautifully handwritten. Inside, an old English apothecary’s cabinet has been completely renovated and now serves as a sideboard. On the bookshelves, unusual ornaments are displayed alongside travel souvenirs. Of course, there’s a wood and marble bar, behind which bottles are carefully lined up. Whatever the season, a meal at Le Bistrot de Port-Lesney in the Jura region is always a good idea! Every day, the chef works with fresh, seasonal and local products with short food supply chains to offer authentic flavors and unadulterated taste. Try pork ribs with morel mushrooms from the nearby woods, Val d’Amour-style crushed potatoes, fresh frogs, homemade terrine, irresistible fried fish, fruity Comté cheese, fresh fruit tarts and more. 

Walking + A/C Private Minibus

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner with wine service

Relais & Chateau Luxury Chateau Hotel, Port-Lesney


After breakfast, we head to Grande Saline de Salins-les-Bains.  What's the origin of salt in Salins-les-Bains and how was it produced here ? We take a guided tour to explore the industrial past of this saltworks and how important this simple condiment we take so for granted, played such as important roll in the development and economy of this region. Through the underground gallery and the evaporation building, we will discover all the secrets of during 1200 years of production. Note: 46 steps to the underground cellar. It's nippy down there. Layer up!

For lunch, we head straight to dessert! We head to a famous 4th generation Patisserie in the square of Arbois. Master chocolatier Édouard Hirsinger, cakes, tartlets, and chocolates are considered among the best in France Lunch is self-pay and we can each choose what we like from pastries, little savory or sweet pies, coffee and chocolate. A drool worthy stop that simply can't be missed!

After lunch, we head to La Saline Royale, The Royal Saltworks, a famous site for salt production. Both the salt production plants and the workers’ housings filled the property.  Construction on the complex began in 1775 at the request of King Louis XV.


Its design was the work of architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806), who wanted to design an “ideal city” based on Enlightenment philosophy and the symbolic value of geometric shapes. Built in an arc inspired by the course of the Sun, the Saltworks contains 11 buildings, five of which housed workshops and workers. After the Saltworks was abandoned in 1895, it was left to decay until it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and was later restored.


Today, it is visited as an architectural complex that sat at the crossroads of industrial heritage and the history of social utopia. The site now holds three museums. The first is devoted to the history of salt, the second is dedicated to Ledoux and his works (many models of his utopian architectural projects are displayed), and the third museum is about the history of the Royal Saltworks.

After a short 15 mins drive away, we return to the Chateau hotel for an afternoon at our leisure and some free time before dinner.

Dinner at a One-Michelin Star restaurant, a 45 mins drive away from our Chateau. Only in France does a 3-star hotel house a One-Michelin Star restaurant! Under the leadership of Michelin-starred Chef Joël Cesari, this gourmet restaurant unveils a modern, creative and colorful menu for culinary moments that are as exquisite as they are warm.


Pack tonight! Check out in the morning as we depart for Lyon in the morning (after a  full day in Jura).


A/C Private Minibus

Meals: Breakfast, One-Michelin Star Dinner with Wine Pairings

Relais & Chateau Luxury Hotel, Port-Lesney


Long Day! 

After breakfast, a short drive away in Poligny in the heart of the Jura Mountains; Maison du Comté, a must-visit museum in Jura. It is worth remembering that Comté is one of the four AOC cheeses produced in the mountains, together with Bleu de GexMont d’Or and Morbier. This pressed cooked cheese made with raw milk is exclusively produced in the Jura Mountains and is a great source of pride to the mountain locals. The Maison du Comté provides an entertaining way to learn about the production stages of this world-renowned cheese, loved for its unique taste. Discover the secrets of how this cheese is made, from the prairie to the ripening cellars. The tasting session at the end of the tour is when visitors of all ages can discover the different flavors of Comté, from the mildest to the fruitier versions.

We visit a wine shop in Arbois which uses a very unique and beautiful cellar from the Middle Ages built in 1322 in which wines are aged even today. This is one of the only classified Gothic style cellar in Arbois. 

For lunch, we head to the town of Arbois for what promises to be an excellent meal. "After five years at the Two-Michelin Star, Maison Jeunet, Lisa and Jérôme have taken over this friendly bolthole. Highlights include a riverside terrace in summertime, a warm bistro interior and above all, the enticing menu! Don’t miss the establishment’s hallmark dish: ballotine of trout stuffed with morel mushrooms and a vin jaune sauce". - Michelin Guide.

After lunch we walk to a winery since 1956, in the heart of the Arbois vineyard dedicated to Vin Jaune. Pierre MARTIN continues the work of his father and has enlarged the estate, which has 34 hectares of vines. In 1999 the Domaine de La Pinte made a courageous choice by converting its entire surface to organic viticulture and has since 2009 taken a new step by practicing Biodynamics on the entire estate. Winery tour with wine tastings. 

Au Revoir Jura!  We settle in the minibus for a 2-hour & 30 mins bus ride towards Lyon. 

The rest of the evening and dinner on our own.

A/C Private Minibus

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch with wine service 

5-Star Historical Hotel, INTERCONTINENTAL LYON



After breakfast, we meet our guide, Anne and begin our tour of Lyon to discover the old city as well as the Presquîle. We also visit the gothic Cathedral Saint Jean.  But as you know, Lyon is considered by many to be the gastronomic capital of France. It is here that chef Paul Bocuse began the trend toward nouvelle cuisine, a style of cooking that reverberated with chefs and diners around the world. We visit little grocery stalls, pastry shops, bakeries, typical restaurants and wine shops. Let’s taste salted and sweet samples and meet the shop keepers who love to share their passion as food artisans! Last but not least, we visit the famous covered market, Halles Paul Bocuse that is vital to Lyonnaise Gastronomy. As we walk through the old town, we visit famous traboules and miraboules, those hidden by-ways and corridors to go through the old city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Lunch and a free afternoon at our leisure.

Lyon is also known in the world of gastronomy because it is the only place in France that has a unique type of restaurant: the Lyonnais Bouchon. A bouchon is a small, family-run bistro that serves hearty meals. The forbearers of these bouchons were the taverns or inns where silk merchants stopped in the 17th and 18th centuries to have a meal, clean their horses, and, perhaps, rest overnight. They derived their name because the term bouchon was used then to describe the twisted straw brushes used to clean the horses. Each of these restaurants typically served only one main plate, such as roast pork, cheese with herbs, sausages, or duck pate. Now these eateries, which abound throughout the city, have menus that offer many of the same traditional dishes.  


So this evening we head to a traditional Lyonnaise Bouchon for dinner. Joseph Viola – Meilleur Ouvrier de France – reigns over this dyed - in - the - wool bouchon, with the patina of age. It serves traditional dishes perfectly made with superb ingredients, along with some seasonal suggestions. The cult dish is pâté en croûte with calf sweetbreads and foie gras.


Walking & Public transport

Breakfast, Food tour tastings, Dinner at a Lyonnaise Bouchon with wine service

5-Star Historical Hotel, INTERCONTINENTAL LYON



After breakfast, we set off for an incredible tour especially for history and WWII buffs. During the Second World War, the city of Lyon played a key role in the liberation of France from the Nazis and thereafter became known as the Capital of the Resistance.


This tour takes its participants back in time to when Lyon became a hotbed of Resistance against the enemy, almost entirely behind closed doors. Exploring from the north to the south of the Presqu’Ile via the Vieux Lyon, this tour presents some of the key figures of WWII and the heroes of the Resistance, and shows the streets, monuments and passageways where the clandestine battle for a free France played out. The tour will end a 15 mins walk away from the Center for History of the Resistance Museum (known as the CHRD) and is highly recommended. Museum is open Wed-Sun and closes at 6:00 pm. Free time at your leisure before dinner.

For our farewell Lyon Dinner, it is only fitting that we should head to a gastronomic institution in this city. Restaurant Paul Bocuse is an iconic gourmet restaurant which transcends borders and symbolizes France's prestigious culinary heritage. Despite the loss of Since the loss of Mr. Bocuse in 2018, the team at this legendary establishment has been keeping alive the great chef's signature dishes (crayfish tail gratin; VGE soup with chicken, beef and truffles; Bresse chicken fricassee) and also offers reinvented classics. The story continues in Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or! This is not an evening we will easily forget and the fitting end to our gastronomic journey through Burgundy, Jura and finally Lyon.

Approx. 2.5 miles walking tour with stops. 

Breakfast, Tastings, Dinner at Two-Michelin Star Restaurant with seven courses & wine pairings

5-Star Historical Hotel, INTERCONTINENTAL LYON




Today we enjoy breakfast at our hotel and we depart Lyon. Check out at your leisure depending on your train or flight timings with private transfers arranged for each party. Private transfers from the hotel to Lyon Airport or Lyon Part Dieu Train station. 


Breakfast + Transfers

Know Before You Go!

This itinerary is the current plan but is ever evolving and things may change. We will make every effort to provide the tours and experiences that are described above. However, since we are traveling off the beaten path, it means that plans may change at the last minute. You always have the option of skipping a particular excursion, but please note that we will be unable to make refunds for any missed meals or other events.